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Mason Mikowski - Owner/Artist

My name is Mason Mikowski. I started tattooing in the year 1998. I apprenticed under Glenn Weber from Glenn Art Studios in Sutton's Bay and East Lansing. Glenn Weber studied under Old Dock Web from San Diego. I have a huge understanding, respect, and knowledge for the world of tattooing. I feel it is a professional artist's responsibility to guide people into getting the best tattoo possible in the field that they desire. I personally do a lot of traditional American tattoo designs and Japanese themed tattoo designs. However I am a visual artist and can pretty much duplicate anything that I see, but I do know my personal limitations.

Here at Bayside Tattoo in Traverse City Michigan we go above and beyond standard run-of-the-mill tattoo shops and services. We guarantee our tattoos 100%. I only offer well-trained artists to work out of my shop. All artists that worked for me must have eight years professional shop experience or be personally trained at Bayside tattoo.

 Mason Mikowski


Tattoo Gallery

My personalized collection of tattoo art from over the years. From custom art to flash tattoos, black and gray and full color, I do it all.